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Welcome to 26 Mile! The story of this little shop starts back when I was a young girl, learning to sew at my family's home on 26 Mile Road, in sunny California where I was taught by the gentle, but talented hands of my Mom and Grandma. 

My true passion for sewing never took hold until a couple decades later when I fell in love with a Rodeo Cowboy, Blake, and moved to his family's ranch in Eastern Oregon. Living so close to the Pendleton Woolen Mills, I soon became obsessed with their rich patterns. In 2010 I created my first 26 Mile purse, made from soft brown leather, fringe, and a black/tan Pendleton wool.  My knowledge of leatherwork is still completely self-taught and most of my creations reflect what I love most. You'll look at these pieces and sense a relaxed California-vibe, coupled with a little bit of Oregon’s flair for the old west—and are still somewhat reminiscent of my first bag. 

Although I love sewing bags and accessories it is just a hobby.  I work as an Expanded Practice Dental Hygienist. My job focuses primarily on providing care to those who live under the federal poverty level and do not have access to care. My job has allowed me to come into contact with a lot of children and families in need; from refugee children who don’t have beds to sleep in, to teenagers whose parents are out of the picture and cannot afford to have dental care. This has been very eye opening and pulled at my heart strings. I have been fortunate enough to be in a position that to anonymously give back to those children and families in need. 

For the first time in my life, last year, I found myself on the "receiving" end. Blake and I were blessed with our little girl, Lydia Lynn. Born at 2 pounds, 8 ounces, we spent weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I lived in a trailer in the parking lot of the hospital so I could be near Lydia and Blake was finishing up his last month on the rodeo trail, sealing his spot for the 2015 NFR. Our friends and neighbors brought bedding, meals, snacks, and micro-preemie clothes for Lydia. A ridiculously scary experience was made easier by kind people wanting to help. Yes, having a sick baby was horrific, and I would never wish it upon anyone; but the love and support I received from the nurses, family and friends was unreal. This helped me truly understand what a difference I can make by doing little things for people facing difficult times. 

Via 26 Mile, I plan to expand my ability to give. A portion of all proceeds will go to children and families in need. Knowing firsthand what it's like, I just want to continue to give back. Please rest easy knowing you are shopping with a purpose!!

Thank you for choosing 26 Mile. I know there are many places to shop, and I am so appreciative you picked us! 

-Whitney Knowles

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